Tuesday 26 May 2015

The Benefits of Clearing our Your Wardrobe

Recently my wardrobe and I went through a bit of a re-invention, not dissimilar to the McConnaissance.. After having lost weight and moved back to Brighton, I realised that the many of the clothes I owned fit into one of five piles and they were:
  •     Too big/ unflattering on me.
  •     Old/holey (clothes I had when I was at uni.. need I say more?)
  •      Style was outdated (skater skirts/dresses anyone?)
  •         I hadn't worn the item in over a year.
  •         Items I wanted to keep.
Before I moved back I embarked on an epic clothing, bags and accessories clear out, with clothes scattered about that rivalled an average Saturday in a Primark. Clothes were absolutely everywhere and the bin liners started to be filled with items that just weren't what I wanted or needed anymore. You may ask ‘How did you get this many clothes?’ and my answer would be that I’m not totally sure… I had been gifted random pieces from friends and family, swearing that I would wear it and then never doing so. I also bought a lot of lower priced items that I thought were worthwhile and a bargain, but in hindsight, they just cluttered up my wardrobe and nine times out of ten they were trend led pieces that I would never wear again. In the end after much deliberation and after being really strict with myself I managed to clear out 6 bin liners FULL of clothes, shoes and accessories. With each item I got rid of it was like a metaphorical weight was being lifted off my shoulders.

Just a note on this, I am going to do a separate post on tips and advice to clearing out your wardrobe and places that you can donate your unwanted clothing to that will benefit other people and prevent wastage and post it later in the week.

textiles - image from folded ends of cut offs for same effect for wall
Image Source: Ben Hodson

After moving home with a dramatically reduced wardrobe, I still did smaller weekly clear outs of items I held onto and then realised I still wouldn't wear; being tough on myself in this area was one of the best things I could have done. Ultimately whilst you may think you are going to regret getting rid of something, if you ask yourself in a week-or-so’s time what you wanted to hold onto I doubt you would remember what it was.

I was craving timeless and classic pieces in a more muted colour palette that would be interchangeable and make me feel great and give me the kind of style that I had craved for so long. I looked to brands like Topshop, Zara, Gap and Whistles for inspiration and found that styles and shapes that I previously felt uncomfortable in, now made me feel fantastic and confident… Such is the power of clothes.

It’s now been around eight months since my wardrobe’s had a McConnaissance and not only do I now have an amazing wardrobe that I love, but I also get ready in a third of the time. Because I know what suits me and every item in my wardrobe I wear. I know exactly what to pick out (after having looked at the weather on my phone first, of course, I do live in the UK after all).

So even though it’s almost half way through the year, it’s not too late to freshen up your wardrobe and create one that you can be proud of and that truly reflects your style and personality.

Good luck and let me know how you get on! x

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